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Somali-Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization (SCERDO) is a non-profit and registered charity organization under paragraph 149(1)(f) of the Income Tax Act (The Act), which started its formal operations on November 1999 in Canada. SCERDO is a community-based organization with a strong core group of professionals and volunteers who are social activists, Computer programmers, engineers, economists, administrators,educators, house wives, students and elders, who all share one common bond a sincere desire to make a difference for those who need the light of knowledge and motivation in order to improve their lives.

With the help and partnership of local and international agencies, the broad purposes of SCERDO are to promote the educational needs for all Somalis at home and around the world. Second, SCERDO will advocate the needs of rural Somalia including economic development, community enhancement, environmental protection,and effective use of available resources. SCERDO believes that education and rural development is a pre-requisite for the social and economic development of Somalia.


Volunteers provide the majority of SCERDO’s work. This includes professional training at each project site, mentorship of the local project partners, participating in community events, assisting with the building projects, and gathering resources in Canada and in the Somali communities around the world.


Our Vision is to create an effective and dynamic atmosphere in which SCERDO, Somali communities and partner organizations work together in advancing education and sustainable development of our community. In other words, SCERDO provide an essential development needs of the community while, at the same time, promoting self-reliance and sustainable economic social development.


SCERDO is a federally incorporated non-profit and charitable organization which is committed to promote crucial education and development needs for Somalis at home and around the world. SCERDO believes that education and rural development is a pre-requisite for the social and economic development of Somalia.


Using community development and “hands on” approaches, SCERDO sponsors projects in Canada and Somalia that will serve as platforms for further development or models for future projects in both communities in Canada and Somalia. On a project-by-project basis, SCERDO works with community leaders and local organizations to build upon the educational or developmental needs of the community. These community partners participate fully in the planning,implementation and future development of the project.

SCERDO Main Objectives are

  • To advocate for the advancement of education (formal and informal)of all Somalis and Canadians. Special emphasis will be given to the rural population in terms of access to primary and vocational education in a manner that contribute to quality of life.
  • To promote sustainable economic development through environmental education, enhancement of scarce resources, improvement of health and hygiene,and effective use of available resources.
  • To promote national and international community development programs, through community-based projects, which would provide basic education services, skill development, women’s literacy support, and other educational services.
  • To assist educational institutions in Somalia to design, develop,and distribute educational curriculum, programs, and materials.
  • To promote greater participation of parents and community leaders in the children’s education and development through parents’ education and awareness programs.
  • To provide humanitarian education and assistance to encourage young people to take action through various educational programs about the necessity of humanitarian aid, particularly in areas affected by war or stricken by poverty.
  • To co-operate and work closely with other agencies and individuals having complementary interests.
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